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Brand: TallyGenicom Model: 044830
Tally 044830 Black fabric ribbon for use with T2130/T2340. Character yield 4,000,000.Compatible Printers: Tally Genicom T 2340, Tally Genicom T 2340-24, Tally Genicom T 2130-24, Dascom T 2340 Series, Compuprint 3031 N, Tally Genicom T 2340-9, Dascom T 2340, Dascom T 2340-9, Tally Genicom T 2340 Seri..
Ex Tax:£17.52
Brand: TallyGenicom Model: 062471
Tally 062471 Black fabric ribbon for use with 2265+/2280+/LA650+/LA800+. Character yield 20,000,000.Compatible Printers: Tally Genicom T 2265 Plus IGP, Tally Genicom T 2280 2 T, Dascom 2380, Tally Genicom T 2280 C, Unisys UDS 2200 Series, Unisys UDS 2100 Series, Dascom T 2280 2 T, Unisys UDS 2280, U..
Ex Tax:£18.39
Brand: TallyGenicom Model: 397995
Fabric ink ribbon for clean and precise printing. Gives you the sharpest text. Rich hue allows for high contrast writing. Ink dries quickly to prevent blot. For use with the T5023. Prints up to 10 million characters.Compatible Printers: Tally Genicom T 5023, Tally Genicom T 5023 Plus..
Ex Tax:£16.32
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