Satellite Antennas

Satellite Antennas
Commonly a dish-shape, known as a satellite dish, this is a device to receive satellite television and other data transmissions from communication satellites.
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Maximum S97RAL7016M-BULK Anthracite satellite antenna

Color: Antracite. Tri-cation zinc phosphated steel, Aluminium..

Ex Tax: £148.00

Maximum T-90 10.7 - 12.75GHz Grey satellite antenna

- 10 positions over 60 degrees on a 90 cm dish - 90 cm size - Easy assembly - Galvanised steel - Wal..

Ex Tax: £80.00

Ubiquiti Networks NBM3 White satellite antenna

Long-Range Links: 50+ km With its high-gain reflector, the NanoBridge M provides high performance at..

Ex Tax: £151.00

Ubiquiti Networks RD-5G31-AC satellite antenna White

airMAX® ac 2x2 PtP Bridge Dish Antenna The RocketDish™ ac Antennas feature significant advances in s..

Ex Tax: £266.00