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Telephony Cables

Telephony Cables
Cables used to transmit telephone signals.
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Cables Direct 5m RJ-11/RJ-11 telephony cable White

Since 1993 Cables Directhave dedicated themselves to supplying cables and peripherals to an ever cha..

Ex Tax: £3.53

Cables Direct RJ-10 3m telephony cable Black

The coiled handset cable uses an RJ10 4P4C connector for use with telephone handsets...

Ex Tax: £3.49

Cables Direct RJ-11, 2m telephony cable Black

- Modem Cable - RJ-11 to RJ-11 - 6P4C - Copper cores..

Ex Tax: £3.33
Cisco CAB-ADSL-RJ11-4M telephony cable Grey Out Of Stock

Cisco CAB-ADSL-RJ11-4M telephony cable Grey

Crossover and straight-through cables are used in order to connect switch ports or interfaces to net..

Ex Tax: £29.00

Cisco CP-HANDSET-CORD= telephony cable 0.45 m Black

Cisco cables will never let you down and you can always count on their superior quality and outstand..

Ex Tax: £6.02

Cisco CP-HS-CORD-W= telephony cable White

Cisco CP-HS-CORD-W=. Connector 1: RJ-11, Connector 2: RJ-11, Product colour: White..

Ex Tax: £9.13

CONNEkT Gear 30-0007 telephony cable 3 m White

High speed ADSL cable that connects your modem/router to an ADSL filter. Digital High Speed ADSL 2 ..

Ex Tax: £3.60

Jabra 14201-12 telephony cable Black

GN 9120 / GN 93XX Flat Cord w Mod Plug...

Ex Tax: £12.32

Jabra 8800-00-94 telephony cable 0.5 m Transparent, Black

Jabra 8800-00-94. Cable length: 0.5 m, Connector 1: RJ-45, Connector 2: QD..

Ex Tax: £14.14

Jabra 8800-01-94 telephony cable 1.8 m Black

QD - RJ-45 Coiled Cable for Aastra/Siemens, 1.8m...

Ex Tax: £18.06