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Telephony Cables

Telephony Cables
Cables used to transmit telephone signals.
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Cables Direct RJ-11, 2m 2m Black telephony cable

- Modem Cable - RJ-11 to RJ-11 - 6P4C - Copper cores..

Ex Tax: £3.33

Cables Direct RJ-45 - RJ-11 5m 5m White telephony cable

These designed for connecting ADSL modems or routers to ADSL filtered faceplates. The flat four core..

Ex Tax: £3.63

Cisco CP-HANDSET-CORD= 0.45m Black telephony cable

Cisco cables will never let you down and you can always count on their superior quality and outstand..

Ex Tax: £6.13

Cisco CP-HS-CORD-W= White telephony cable

Cisco CP-HS-CORD-W=. Connector 1: RJ-11, Connector 2: RJ-11, Colour of product: White..

Ex Tax: £11.13

Jabra 14201-12 Black telephony cable

GN 9120 / GN 93XX Flat Cord w Mod Plug...

Ex Tax: £12.70

Jabra 8800-00-94 0.5m Transparent, Black telephony cable

Jabra 8800-00-94. Cable length: 0.5 m, Connector 1: RJ-45, Connector 2: QD..

Ex Tax: £14.58
Jabra 8800-01-94 1.8m Black telephony cable Out Of Stock

Jabra 8800-01-94 1.8m Black telephony cable

QD - RJ-45 Coiled Cable for Aastra/Siemens, 1.8m...

Ex Tax: £14.42

Jabra 88001-04 telephony cable 0.8 m Transparent, Black

Jabra 88001-04. Cable length: 0.8 m, Connector 1: RJ-9, Connector 2: QD..

Ex Tax: £27.21

Jabra Cord - QD to QD extension cord 0.5m Black telephony cable

Experience the added flexibility and mobility by using our extension cord. Simply plug in the QD of ..

Ex Tax: £25.40