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The keyboard is the main input peripheral used by all computers. The keyboard allows for user input and interaction with the computer. Much like many typewriters the keyboard has all the letters of the alphabet, numbers 0 - 9 and additional special operational keys, e.g. for adjusting the volume or going to your inbox directly. There are three different connection types:- USB is the most modern. You can recognize it by the rectangular connector.- PS/2 connectors are round. This type of connection is fairly commonly used by PC's.- Bluetooth is another modern (wireless) connection method.
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2-Power ALT3219A USB QWERTY UK English Black keyboard


Ex Tax: £19.74
Access IS AKC090 USB Finnish, Swedish Multicolour Out Of Stock

Access IS AKC090 USB Finnish, Swedish Multicolour

The AKC090 is a 15 column by 6 row matrix, compact programmable keyboard ideal for compact POS, deal..

Ex Tax: £191.20

Accuratus 260 EURO HUB USB QWERTY English Black

The 260 Euro Hub has also two USB 2.0 ports giving you extra connectivity right at your finger tips...

Ex Tax: £29.07

Accuratus 260 USB English Black

The 260 is a firm favourite due to it's stylish looks, durability and positive feedback keys. In a f..

Ex Tax: £19.01