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Disinfecting Wipes

Brand: AF Model: WBW100T
Impregnated wipes for quick and easy cleaning of interactive white boards in a re-sealable tub to keep each wipe fresh and moist. Refill pouch of 100 wipes is also available...
Ex Tax:£3.78
Brand: AF Model: ISW100
Ready to use anti-bacterial wipes for disinfecting most hard surfaces. Kills 99.9% of bacteria found on office equipment. Not for use on computer screens. For best results pre-clean the surface...
Ex Tax:£2.47
Brand: AF Model: PCC100
General purpose pre-saturated cleaning wipes, non-flammable, alcohol free, anti-static, and suitable for cleaning PCs, cases and keyboards. They remain moist over extended periods. Dry with Safetiss or Safewipes, if required...
Ex Tax:£2.68
Brand: AF Model: PHC100T
Anti-bacterial phone cleaner. Contains strong bactericide, quick and easy to use. Ideal product when hot desking to reduce cross contamination. Proven to kill germs for up to 24 hours. 100 Wipes in a resealable tub, refill pouch is available...
Ex Tax:£2.68
Brand: AF Model: SCH050
- Non-woven cloths for general cleaning applications - Extra absorbent cloths that retain strength when wet - Useful for cleaning equipment casings, furniture and whiteboards - Size: 320 x 340mm - Use with Screen-Clene, Foamclene, Maxiclene, Boardclene, Staticlene or Isoclene..
Ex Tax:£4.98
Brand: AF Model: SPA100
Large isopropyl alcohol impregnated wipes in a sachet. The wipe fabric is a lint-free non-woven material with exceptional wet strength. (Not suitable for sensitive surfaces)...
Ex Tax:£13.06
Brand: AF Model: SWI100
100% pure cotton wipes with no additives or brightening agents. Re-useable and non-linting, friendly to the environment...
Ex Tax:£14.32
Brand: AF Model: SCR020
20 sachets of wet/dry wipes. Safe to use on TFTs and LCD screens, packaged in a dispensing box for attaching to any workstation...
Ex Tax:£1.98
Brand: AF Model: SCS100
100 wet wipes in individual sachets. For use with Safecloths, Safetiss or Safewipes for a perfect finish...
Ex Tax:£7.61
Brand: AF Model: SCR100T
AF Screen-Clene Wipes. 100 pre-saturated wipes in a re-sealable tub. Suitable for monitor screens and filters...
Ex Tax:£2.68
Brand: AF Model: STI200
High quality, lint-free single ply paper, safe to use on all screens and filters. Excellent strength wet or dry. Easy to recycle...
Ex Tax:£1.65
Brand: Durable Model: 573602
Ensures streak-free cleaning of CRT and TFT monitors, laptops, screen filters and TV screens, as well as glass surfaces on photocopiers and scanners. Alcohol-free formulation with a long-lasting anti-static effect. 100 moist screen-cleaning wipes in a refillable dispenser tub...
Ex Tax:£2.51
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