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Brand: Christie Model: 003-000884-01
This replacement 300W UHP (Ultra High Performance) is a metal halide lamp manufactured by Philips, provided to you by Christie. This lamp is user replaceable (following Christie’s lamp replacement procedures located in the resources tab of this webpage or in the resources section of one of the proj..
Ex Tax:£379.00
Brand: Christie Model: 003-120504-01
Christie’s broad range of technologies include DLP Cinema™ projectors, LCD and DLP™ projectors, networking solutions, 35mm film projectors, rear screen projection modules and DLP™ projection cubes, wall display controllers, and cutting edge projection technologies for 3D, virtual reality and simulat..
Ex Tax:£359.00
Brand: Christie Model: 003-004450-01
When used at 350W, this lamp typically lasts for 1,500 hours. When used at 280W, this lamp typically lasts for 2,000 hours...
Ex Tax:£336.00
Brand: Christie Model: 003-120730-01
This 245W UHP mercury arc replacement lamp will last up to 3,000 hours (in normal mode), 5,000 hours (in eco mode)...
Ex Tax:£187.00
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