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Brand: AVerMedia Model: 61P0J7P000AE
A New Age of Classroom Collaboration With so many tools in one - a scanner, web-video-digital camera, lined-graph-plain paper, and “best-in-class image clarity,” the F50-8M document camera allows you to see clearly with every single action. 8MP with 10x optical & 20x digital zoom! Nothing puts on a..
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Brand: AVerMedia Model: 61P0DWP000AH
Combining the absolute flexibility and mobility, the F70W supports both wired and wireless transmission, offering you a range of options to stream live images. With F70W’s wireless capability, you are able to present live images/videos of anything from anywhere in the classroom, allowing teachers an..
Ex Tax:£658.00
Brand: AVerMedia Model: 61P0H3P000BJ
More Tools than Inspector Gadget™! With the most comprehensive feature set, the M70HD document camera is part document camera, part gadget and whole low of wow with its stunning-image clarity and detail. It has all of the bells and whistles you could ask for. 5MPs, 192x Zoom and HDMI At 192x zoom, ..
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Brand: AVerMedia Model: 61V8U00000B4
The USB Plug-and-Play, HDMI, and Professional Unified Communications Camera for All Kinds of Businesses The AVer Cam530 is designed to meet the unified communications and collaboration needs of a variety of businesses. Widely compatible and ideal for numerous applications and integration with other..
Ex Tax:£685.00
Brand: AVerMedia Model: 61U8D00000AD
Video Soundbar The VB342 easily puts all participants in clear focus with its 4K PTZ camera’s extraordinary video quality and its professional-grade speakers and microphones. Perfectly suited for huddle rooms. A Vibrant Face to Face Experience with 4K & Pan Tilt Zoom With the VB342, there’s no nee..
Ex Tax:£668.00
Brand: AVerMedia Model: 61V8U20000AM
Professional Camera for Video Collaboration in Conference Rooms The AVer VC520+ Conference Camera is an indispensable video collaboration tool for businesses that use web- or cloud-based conferencing. Suitable for meeting rooms of all sizes, from huddle rooms all the way up to large conference rooms..
Ex Tax:£754.00
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