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Brand: Adaptec Model: 2275400-R
Enabling the onboard cache on a RAID adapter card signi cantly enhances performance — especially in RAID 5 and RAID 6 scenarios — by accommodating both read caching and write caching of data. But data stored in the cache for write caching can be lost if the cache is not protected against a power or ..
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Adaptec SmartRAID 3154-16i RAID controller PCI Express x8 3.0 12 Gbit/s
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Brand: Adaptec Model: 2295000-R
The 12 Gbps SmartRAID 3100 adapters, coupled with 12 Gbps SSDs, provide maximum read/write bandwidth and IOPS as well as acceleration and latency optimization through caching for the most performance-hungry transactional and database applications. SmartRAID 3100 adapters are full featured RAID adap..
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